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In a proactive attempt to keep our children safe in a world gone mad, parents have had to result to keeping an eye on those whom they entrust their most precious possessions too. The use of nanny cams helps you to see how your caregiver interacts with and takes care of your child during the day or night while you are away.

In most states, it is generally legal to videotape a caregiver with the use of a nanny cam while they are caring for your children however; it is not legal in all states to make an audio recording without the permission of your caregiver. Too find out if it is legal in your state, when making your purchase, check with the cctv supplier as too what the laws in your state are for using nanny cams and audio recording devices.

There are different types of nanny cam set-ups; you can have your choice of buying a wired or wireless camera. The cam can be hidden inside of clocks, antennas, smoke detectors and other such concealable places. In most cases, you are able to record up to 10 hours of quality tape of your child's day.

Types of Nanny Cams

Hidden wireless nanny cams – these cameras are simple plug and play and can be concealed in small household items

Hidden IP nanny cams – has motion activated pc-based video recording and remote website viewing than can be viewed from just about anywhere

Hidden power lines nanny cams – video is transmitted through the electrical wiring in you home.

Hidden nanny cams with built in recorders – motion activated video recorder

Pricing of various Nanny Cams

Clock radio camera – $389

Picture frame camera – $429

Air purifier camera – $359

Desk lamp camera – $359

Fake plant camera – $399

Stuff animal camera – $399

These are just a few types of nanny cams that can be purchased and set-up in your home to give you peace of mind while you are away.

Today there is a debate as to whether a caregiver should be told if they are being watched or not. Some caregivers do not like the idea of being watched while caring for a child, others do not mind as long as they are told that there is a camera in place. Some may ask what is the big deal if a nanny cam is used or not? The big deal for some is they would just like to be informed that there is a camera on, not necessarily because of plans to harm your child, but because of not wanting to be caught on tape in an embarrassing situation that could end up being entertainment at your next party. Admit it; there are just some things that are done in private that etiquette dictates are not done in front of others. If one is aware that there is a nanny cam in use, they can excuse themselves to a more private area to take care of certain personal needs. This is just one issue as to why a caregiver would like to be informed that there is a camera on in the house. Some do not even mind not knowing where the camera is hidden, simply because they have nothing to hide. Some say it is simply a trust issue for them, that they just want to be trusted as the professional to do their jobs.

Ultimately, it is up to you to decide if you want to use a nanny cam to insure your child's safety. If you have strong suspicions that something is wrong, by all means protect your child at all cost. True, you never can be too careful; just do not get carried away with it to the point of alienating those who genuinely love to care for your child.

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