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Globe trotting celebrities are making trips to third world countries and are quite frankly making me a feel a little inadequate in the ‘helping others’ department I love that they are doing this and I’d like to think if I had that kind of cash I’d be doing the same thing.

I don’t have that kind of money and I doubt I ever will but I can make a difference closer to home It may not make the evening news but it makes me feel good anyway Besides, good deeds aren’t publicity stunts they should be something you just do because you want to

If you want to help but don’t have the funds to jet off around the globe there are things you can do in your own backyard to make your community a better place You don’t even have to break your budget to do it!

Clean It Up

I live in a small city that is home to Corning, Inc The city is low in crime and relatively a safe place to live Corning, Inc gives a lot of money to the community to make Corning a great place to live While the neighborhoods are cute they still have a common problem that plagues most areas: trash

When the weather agrees, my daughter and I take a walk around the neighborhood We take a garbage bag and gloves and pick up what we see along our walking route and we do this once a week if we can

If your child is school age or involved in Girl Scouts or any other organization or activity you can organize community clean ups all around your town or city


While I don’t have a lot of free time at the moment one day when my little girl starts school I hope to make time to volunteer Many towns and cities have soup kitchens or shelters that can always use volunteer help

Look out for community donation drives and call in to volunteer your time Even a few hours a week or a month can make a difference Your local school system may need volunteers as well School budgets are shrinking and some important programs can be cut Volunteering your time may help schools hang on to certain programs

Raise Money

There are hundreds of ways to raise money for your favorite community charity Are you crafty? Take your favorite craft and turn it into money! Have a bake sale or a community yard sale and give the profits to your favorite charity

You can also raise money by holding raffles Contact the committee for each community event that comes along and ask permission to raffle off craft and other donated items You can also do a fifty/fifty raffles If you aren’t familiar with this it’s very simple All you need are numbered tickets Sell each ticket for a certain amount and then draw a winning ticket That ticket gets half of the money and the other half can go to the charity of your choice

Neighborhood Watch

If your community has a neighborhood watch program, sign up If they don’t have one go ahead and start one These programs help citizens aid in the security of their own neighborhoods This applies to home security as well as keeping an eye out for possible terrorist activities

Small Stuff Adds Up

Is your closet overflowing with blankets you don’t need? Are there winter jackets you no longer wear? Many communities have drives to collect such items for the less fortunate families in your hometown These events usually ask for one specific item Keep an eye on your local news for event information You can donate your old work clothes (ones that are still in good condition) to help low income moms get back to work in style! Dress For Success now has 75 branches worldwide so chances are there is a branch near you

Goodwill/Salvation Army

These companies will take just about anything you have as long as it is clean and in working condition The contributions are tax deductible and offer lower income families the opportunity to get clothes and household items they can’t otherwise afford

Mentor Teens

Many teenagers get into trouble due to lack of things to do and lack of adult guidance There are teenagers in your community that can benefit from just a little of your time This also extends to the younger school aged children as well

You can donate your time at your local YMCA as a coach for a sports league or hold free classes on any subject you wish Giving a teen a new interest can help them alleviate their boredom in constructive ways

You can become a tutor for children having trouble in schools or offer your time to start a book club or any other after school activity Many communities already have this type of thing set up and you simple need to give them a call to donate your time and talents If they don’t have such activities already set up, make it a point to get them started

Help Senior Citizens

Chances are there is a retirement or nursing home in your area Many seniors living in nursing homes can become very lonely You can donate your time to read to them or just spend the afternoon chatting with them Talk with the administrator and ask if you can donate anything else


Many hospitals need volunteers seotons seotons Offer to read books to children or to help entertain them Each hospital has different volunteering positions they need filled and they greatly vary with each organization Call your local hospital to find out what they need and what you can do to help

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